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The importance of reporting your injuries to your doctor

Being Personal Injury Lawyers we know that suffering an injury at work, on the road or in a public place can be a confronting and confusing experience.

The sudden change in daily routine, numerous medical appointments and the injury itself can demand a lot of your time and focus, so sometimes the importance of reporting and recording of your injury and its symptoms can become a secondary concern. Whether your injury occurred at work, in a transport accident or in a public space, it is important that you see your doctor advise them of your injury as soon as you are able.

Seeing your doctor, reporting your injury and how it happened is essential when you may have a transport accident, WorkCover or public liability claim. Being able to establish a clear timeline of when and how your injury occurred is one key factor in having your claim accepted by the insurer or the TAC. This is more easily done if you have a consistent and accurate record of your injury timeline and symptoms, this will build a stronger case when you are being represented by your chosen Personal Injury or Car Accident Lawyer.

When you see your doctor

You should tell your doctor about how and when your injury occurred. If your injury developed over a period of time you should tell your doctor this and explain how it developed. You should also tell your doctor about the symptoms you are suffering.

It is also important to keep your treating doctor and allied health providers (such as your physiotherapist) informed about how your injury is progressing: if your symptoms are getting better, staying the same, getting worse, or whether you have new symptoms. This will allow your treating medical practitioners to recommend the most appropriate treatment for your symptoms and refer you to other specialists for that treatment if it is appropriate.

If you are involved in an accident

•Consult your doctor soon after your transport accident, or incident in your workplace or a public place and report your injuries and symptoms to your doctor.
•Ensure that you keep your treating doctor and allied health professionals informed of your progress.
•Where practical, keep a diary or log of what your symptoms are and how they are progressing.
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